Introduction to Atlantis Screener

According to ancient history, Atlantis was an ancient island civilization with advanced technology, concentric circles of development and a direct harbor channel to its middle. 

Regrettably, it vanished due to an earthquake and tsunami and has never been located for certain. However, elements of its circular construction techniques, artifacts and trade influence have been uncovered in Spain, Sardinia and elsewhere.

Atlantis Screener

Atlantis is my top shelf general screener which uncovers stocks rising from the deep. Occasionally it also picks up major momentum moves (MMM). 

Examples in 2017 include ATSG, AVEO, CAMT, DDD, MHH, PRO, RATE, VSLR and ZN. Most recent ones are below.



                                           Question Mark

The question is, can short term minimum 20-25% moves, such as these, be put into a formula? In gold terminology, can it be moved to proven and probable?

Coincidentally, they usually start at a 20-25 degree slope near or above the "train track crossing" as suggested in 2016's Protractor & Projections. This typically increases to 30 degrees or more near the end. Clearly, there is a correlation between slope degree and profit degree.
As you know, the TDX Power presentation has two DPO calculations for a minimum 7-15% profit. The Atlantis MMM screener goes far beyond that.

POP Indicator

We also have a straightforward "path of profit" (POP) method in Atlantis to assist one on its daily track.

For example, when the POP indicator (
see white line on chart or yellow PWR preferably) crosses the "train tracks", it is quite definitive. This is particularly true in the daily if the required positive weekly and monthly trends are present along with confirmation indicators.

The POP indicator may be requested on Personal Service charts in Bonanza Gold.

In Summary

The Atlantis stock screener is simply the best anywhere. It also has an uncanny knack for periodically discovering major market moves (MMM).

More information and results are here.

Updated 8/17/17 


Atlantis Screener - Example

Everyone would prefer to make profits in as little time as possible. To be able to obtain significant profits in the shortest amount of time is serious business, not a hobby.

This site will demonstrate and reveal precisely how that can be done, typically in 30 days or less.

First, please review the chart example below. 

MHH Recent Example

These major market moves could be called moonshots or rocket launches, like this one.

Recently, Mike had HTZ, Sven TMQ and I had Novo, all noted in the Prospector's Club in Bonanza Gold.

With the evolutionary progress evident in the resource markets, Atlantis MMM could become quite valuable in time.

Now let's move on to the complete presentation here.
Updated 8/28/17