Atlantis Rising - Introduction

The extraordinary Atlantis Rising MMM has been developed and published this past weekend.


Everyone would prefer to make profits in as little time as possible. To be able to obtain significant profits in the shortest amount of time is serious business, not a hobby.

This site will demonstrate and reveal precisely how that can be done, typically in 30 days or less.

First, please review the chart example below. 

MHH Recent Example

These major market moves could be called moonshots or rocket launches, like this one.

Recently, Mike had HTZ, Sven TMQ and I had Novo, all noted in the Prospector's Club in Bonanza Gold.

With the evolutionary progress evident in the resource markets, Atlantis MMM could become quite valuable in time.

Now let's move on to the complete presentation here.
Updated 8/28/17


9/11/17 Atlantis Results 

Atlantis has both a general screen and specific subset screens meeting certain requirements within Atlantis.

The gain/loss column is based on 100 shares. If one has 1000 shares, the result would be 10x the amount in that column.

These are the actual remarkable records.

Atlantis General Screen

3 Specific Criteria Screens